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Oasis Spa Range

Plunge Pools

Unlike a regular swimming pool, plunge pools are easy-peasy to install as they don’t require extensive ground work or infrastructure to be put in place beforehand. They are also totally portable and can be easily placed directly on top of a concrete slab for simple and fast installation.

Plus, pool heating, filtration and lighting all come built-in as standard! What’s not to like?

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If you’re seeking robust luxury with all the added features, explore our latest collection of spas. Engineered to excel even in the harshest conditions, guaranteeing their
durability and long-lasting presence in your outdoor space. They come equipped with top-of-the-line components and provide an unmatched hydrotherapy experience, making
you question how you managed without one.

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Swim Spas

Our Swim Spas are designed to suit every body - choose between bench seating, contoured seating, neck therapy seating and recliner lounges in various depths to suit your mood and body size. Our specialised seat designs also stop you floating like you will in many other spas. Plus, our high flow pumps and free flow plumbing ensure there’s plenty of power when needed.

Our Collection

Our Collection

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